Welcome 👋, here is my personal website you can see all about my projects, about me and even contact me!
Tyler Cousins
Content Creator, Developer, Radio Owner
About Me

I'm a small content creator from England. I own a small youtube channel, on there I do livestreams and videos of my development and gaming. My knowledge of coding is based on js, html and a css. The discord bot I am curently developing is called Cube, Cube is a full fetured bot that has some good moderator commands. To sum it up, I am a 15 year old who is very intrested in tecnolagy and software development.

Cube Bot

Discord-API, Dicord.JS

Current Version: 0.0.5
About Cube

Cube is a discord-api coded in Discord.JS , it is a multi-function bot with a lot of commands. Cube has moderation and fun commands! 😃 It has over 16,000 users and growing everyday, it also gets regular updates! To sum it all up Cube is a all round, multi-functional bot with a lot of potential!